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Established 6 figure CEO's

Are you wanting to scale to 7 Figures in 2024?

Watch the video below

Do you want to 2-3x your revenue this year with an efficient team, processes & systems?

(This is NOT for solopreneurs, coaches or consultants)

CEO’s, does this sound like you right now?

You've been working as a CEO for a few years and are generating at least $20k months.

You’ve been able to grow the company revenue to 6 or multi 6 figures per year so far.

But you’re drowning under the amount of work you have to do every day.

You’re intelligent, driven, motivated, but you’re stuck on a never ending hamster wheel. 

You pull 18 hour days. 

You are constantly being emailed, slacked, whatsapped or called - by clients or members of your team?

Do you feel like no matter how much work you do each day, the next day there is still a mountain of emails, calls, messages and meetings to get through? 

If you're struggling to scale your business due to a lack of sufficient process, systems and team members...

Listen to what my clients have to say….

Sarah Gough,
Executive Director, Play for Peace

Rujuta equipped me with the knowledge, tools and resources I needed to refine my leadership style and strategise for the future. I am reinvigorated with a clear vision for my path forward.

Alan Creedon,
CEO, Breaking Addiction

Working with Rujuta has been great for me and my business. It’s been invaluable, it’s really focused me in a way I wasn’t expecting and in a way I wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Rujuta is a pleasure to work with. She uses her vast experience to translate to marketing and business solutions that add real value. She is extremely patient and thorough in her approach, despite managing multiple stakeholders and always looking to refine and improve

Rene Kaliniewicz, Digital Marketing Leader

Maybe you’ve tried...

  • Reading all the self development books on how to grow your business, but none of them have worked 

  • Hiring more team members, but you end up doing more work than when you had fewer team members

  • Working longer hours - sacrificing evenings & weekends - but your to-do list never ends 

  • Hiring expensive consultants, but they just delivered generic strategies that didn’t align with your companies unique situation 


Do you wish...

  • That you had a clear roadmap to follow to get to 7+ figures without needing to work more hours or spend even more on team costs?

  • You could wake up in the morning and not have to rush your laptop at 7am to react to whatever happened overnight? But that instead you could have a slower morning, go to the gym, spend time with your family, and start your working day at 9 (or later!) ?

  • That your team were efficient, self led, proactive and knew exactly how to handle their tasks and roles, without needing to involve you in every decision they make?

  • That you had the right systems, processes and operations in place so that your business ran smoothly? That things weren’t so manual or time consuming, but instead ran like an efficient ship?

profile pic.jpg

Hi, I’m Rujuta

I specialise in supporting 6 figure CEO’s overcome the common challenges that exist when scaling a company to 7 & multi 7 figures, through executive coaching. Over the last 22 years I’ve worked in a variety of roles predominantly focused on Digital Transformation & Business Consulting for companies like Price Water House Coopers, Avanade, Financial Ombudsman & Axis International before founding my own company - Solved Together.

By trade I am an engineer, and after spending years setting up systems and processes for large corporations, I came to the conclusion that business and transformation starts and ends with “The people”. I set out on a mission to revolutionise workplaces to become fulfilling and nurturing places filled with purpose and meaning. Where people spend their time not because they have to, but because they want to, they look forward to coming to work.

I now help businesses develop a human-centered approach to growth and transformation, using executive coaching to help them harvest the brilliance of their most expensive resource - their people. In addition to this, I well-versed with cutting-edge technology and AI, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Fulfilment, HR, Finance and more.

This includes understanding the working of minds, emotions, environment, the impact of nature & nurture, organization psychology, neuroscience, sports psychology, science of motivation, vulnerability, leadership, collaboration, creativity, innovation, design thinking, visualisation, play, gamification and decision making.

This picture and all its parts - is what I now use to help senior leaders scale their companies. I work with high performing individuals and teams to inject innovative solutions, improve efficiency and effectiveness of team members and systems and processes to help you scale without needing to work more hours or put in more effort than you currently are.

How Do I Help You Scale to 7 Figures?

Whether you're scaling for growth, for funding or for an exit to achieve financial freedom, my Success Sequence will help you:

  • Identify your blind posts and see where you are leaving money on the table

  • Analyse your limiting beliefs to discover what is truly holding you back

  • Creating systems, teams and processes that energise instead of exhaust you, your team and your company so that you can confidently scale this year

“I loved working with Rujuta. She got to grips with a little known and understood area quickly and is great at getting to the heart of the matter. Few people have been better at, very nicely, keeping me on track with actions and deliverables. Rujuta combines technical expertise with relationship management perfectly.”
“I've worked closely with Rujuta on a couple of complex transformation programmes over the past few years. Rujuta is meticulous and dedicated in all that she works on, finding creative solutions to break down barriers and going the 'extra mile' wherever needed. Rujuta has solid experience in working with numerous methods, she is adaptable and can tailor her approach to different environments. I've always found Rujuta to be a very strong team player, who can lead and collaborate with diverse stakeholders to deliver the right results.”

Clair Holland, Head of Operations

Ryan Moore, NTT Data UK

talk soon.jpg

Talk soon.

I’ll see you on the call.

I can’t wait to help you create a personalised plan to effectively scale your company this year.


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