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We change lives at work for a living

Our mission is to revolutionize workplaces by empowering teams to conquer complex challenges in record time.

We do this by using advanced collaboration tools and techniques rooted in neuroscience and design thinking

And the secret part of our mission? To have fun while at it!

Join us in transforming workplaces and changing lives, one collaboration and laugh at a time.







AI Design Sprint™

Feeling the AI buzz but stuck in the 'where-do-I-even-begin' zone?


You're not alone.


Tons of companies know AI's the game-changer, but getting from "oh yeah, we need that" to actually using it can feel like scaling Mount Everest in flip-flops.


Are you worried that AI implementation could be another black hole for time, money, and sanity? Feeling buried under AI speak?

And what about all those other programs already running, how are you going to fit this in?

What if there was a shortcut, a compass, a fire-starter for your AI journey?

Enter AI Design Sprint, a trademarked, accelerated process to take you from idea to test in days. 

Strategy Bootcamp

Stuck feeling lost in the fog of everyday problems? Spinning your wheels in endless meetings, tackling symptoms instead of digging up the root cause? We've all been there, captaining ships in stormy seas of confusion.

Your strategy should be your anchor, at every step, whether it is branding, marketing, a new product or service offering or transformation. 


Yet, often strategy is lost in some 100+page report that nobody reads or  understands how to use, that took months and costed hundreds of thousands. 


Frustrating, right? 

That's why we developed Strategy Bootcamp,  where we help you craft a clear and extremely actionable game-changing strategy under a week, for a fraction of the cost. 


What Else We Offer

We don't sell workshops. We unravel solutions.

In addition to AI Design Sprint & Strategy Bootcamp, we offer a range of solutions via our workshops. From a half day campaign-booster workshop to zone in on a high profile marketing campaign to a design sprint for designing, testing and validating next product features, we have solutions that are proven to work, tailored to your unique needs. Below are some of our tried and tested products.


We can work either in-person with your team or fully remote. 

Problem  framing.png
Problem Framing & Solving workshop

Struggling to articulate the heart of the problem or the best way to solve it? 

Book us for a half-day workshop to quickly get to the root, generate ideas for solutions and get a consensus on the way forward.

Innovation Week.png

Innovation Week & Hackathons

Want to cultivate a culture of innovation by giving a prime focus for a day or a week ?

Book us for our hackathons and brainstorming workshops.

Team Alignment.png
Team Alignment 

Capitalize on the strengths and experience of your team members by aligning them and moving them forward in the same direction, by booking us for a purpose-built Team Alignment workshop tailored for your teams.

Project Initiation.png
Project Initiation & Planning 

Launching a new program or initiative? 

Planning a merger or acquisition and want to bring your teams together to create a robust plan of action? 

Book us for an Initiation Workshop to combine team alignment, planning and co-ordination activities in a fraction of the usual time. 

Leadership Retreat.png
Leadership Retreat

Interested in a stimulating, purpose-driven time away for your leadership team while cultivating real connections?

Book us for a single or multi-day leadership retreats with specific objectives to get the best out of your leadership team.

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