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This is how we roll

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We believe that

Everyone wants to feel fulfilled at work.

Everyone wants to add value and work more productively.

No one wants to get stuck in a hell-scape of never-ending meeting tunnels


That people just lack the skills and tools to collaborate effectively.

And that success comes from making others look, feel and do better.

that our success comes from your success.

Who are we?

We are a collaboration and problem-solving agency. We are to a leadership team what an executive coach is to an individual leader.


We are convinced that no one else knows or cares more about your business than you do. That makes you the experts.

We guide you and your teams to come up with the answers on their own 

  • By using your strengths and expertise

  • By nurturing creativity

  • By making sure every voice is heard

We  help teams experience "flow state" together, to command peak performance while creating of sense of "togetherness" and "alignment". 

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We are not for everyone.png

We are not for everyone

We are for players, not spectators.


We are for ambitious, creative leaders who believe in power of intention and magic of collaboration.


We value freedom, personal responsibility, fun, humour, kindness, playfulness and mutual respect.


We are allergic to finger-pointing, drama (unless it's on Netflix), shaming, bullying and chronic complaining.

Paying it forward

We are proudly a for-profit organization that gives back to the economy by offering our services to non-profits & seed start-ups at a heavily discounted rates.


We use students, graduates and interns where possible not only as a way of investing in our own future but also benefitting from the strengths of Gen Z.


Being two successful women of colour from the business and technology world, diversity and inclusion is not an agenda but our innate nature.


We aspire to be role model for winning collaboration within different strata of the business world and community by inherently profiting from each other.

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Meet the Founders

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