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What is
AI Design Sprint?

A supercharged, fully facilitated series of workshops for leadership teams where


  • We'll help you identify all the awesome ways AI can boost your products, services, and processes,

  • Then prioritize them based on how much impact they'll make and how much money they'll bring in.

  • Plus, we'll get down and dirty with the most promising idea


All of this without needing to speak a single line of code.

When you choose to go ahead with the next stage, we will  bring in the Tech Wizards turning your ideas and concepts into a real-world tangible prototype, to test & validate. 


Revolutionise Your Business with AI Design Sprint


Demystifying AI

Innovative use of AI Cards simplifies AI concepts, making them relevant and understandable for your specific business context.


Structuring AI integration

A structured,  clear, step-by-step approach enables you to identify and capitalise on those opportunities and AI expertise effectively, for your business context.


Assuring data privacy

Our methods are designed with data protection regulations in mind, ensuring compliance and safeguarding your reputation.


Creating a clear ROI path

It is not about jumping on a new trend.

It is about transforming your business. 

We align AI initiatives with your business goals for a tangible return on investment. and a clear roadmap 


Risk mitigating

We prioritise protecting your core business while exploring the power of AI, and minimising risks associated with pilot projects.


Strategising value focus

Our sprint implements AI tools for business in areas that will significantly enhance your business value.

3-step AI innovation Journey

Each stage of is crafted to incrementally integrate AI for business, enhancing your operational efficiency and innovation capacity. First two stages are business focused and need no technical expertise. Based on the input of the second stage, where we build co-create a concept, we bring in the tech experts to create a working prototype based on the detailed concept.   

This journey is designed to be rapid and cost-effective, to take you from zero to a working prototype in two weeks.

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AI Opportunity mapping

Identify where AI can reshape your organization.


Uncover specific AI opportunities in your entire organization, across your capabilities, systems, processes & structures.

Prioritise them based on their value and impact, have actionable roadmap for your AI Journey.


1 Day

No Tech Know-How needed

Deep-Dive Concept Creation

Dive deeper into your high priority AI opportunities.

Co-create meaningful AI solution concepts with a fast, engaging and low-risk approach to streamline operational processes ranging from automating repetitive tasks to predicting customer behavior.


2 Days

No Tech Know-How needed

Prototype, validate & Iterate

Co-create meaningful AI solution concepts  with a fast, engaging and low-risk approach.

Technical Feasibility Check

IT & AI experts  perform a tech check  and provide an  implementation  roadmap.


2 Days

Rapid Prototyping

Design and  development of a  ready-to-test  prototype of your  AI solution concept.


5 - 7 Days

Bring in the AI Wizards

Flexible Pricing Structure

 Each of the three steps has an individual price, allowing you to select and invest in the stages most relevant to your business needs and financial plan, maintaining control over your investment in AI technology.

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